H-CARE was a 30 months EU funded project which addressed specific target audience as Unemployed graduate adults (18+) who have obtained up to date and innovative knowledge, skills and competencies for the innovative job core profile; Current employees in Health Care & Sales establishments who have enhanced their career development; VET training centres who have enriched their training offer with the accredited new VET training programme for assistive technologies and food supplements salespersons and trade companies (SMEs) in the field of Sales of Health Care and Food Supplements who have the ability to re-train their personnel upon contemporary H-CARE training course.

The project deliverables have been developed based on conducted survey and user requirements gathering in Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey (see comparative analysis report of the national findings related to training needs and gaps). The active involvement from our end user groups in identifying the barriers they experience, their needs and key issues in trying to enter the health sector labour market and to gain a greater understanding of the current national situation and issues on educational context required in workplaces in each partner country have been taken into account during all stages of development, testing, piloting, evaluation and refinement of the project deliverables (469 participants have been interviewed in the involved countries during research phase, 104 experts involved as members of National Advisory boards in partners countries, 687 unemployed and current employees involved in the piloting of the results and more than 20000 involved in dissemination and exploitation activities).

The key project tangible results which have been included in all processes stated above are the unique H-CARE curriculum connected to the national qualification descriptions and state educational requirements (following the listed ECVET learning outcomes). Those learning outcomes have been produced following the guidelines of the “Integrated Competencies Framework for Public Health Workforce Development” and with the EQF (level 4), so that the existing qualifications in this field are transparent and comparable. They have been validated by local authorities and National ECVET coordination bodies such as NAVET partner.

At present the H-CARE blended VET training programme consists of 9 training modules which are piloted and refined based on received piloters’ and trainers’ feedback as following:

  • M1. Health Care Introduction & Health prevention recommendations;
  • M2. EU and National legislative framework
  • M3. Trading with medical devices and Assistive technologies
  • M4. Trading with food supplements
  • M5. Communication & Work with disabled customers
  • M6. Sales management skills
  • M7. Entrepreneurship skills
  • M8. E-commerce
  • M9. Internship

The H-CARE VET course is available and deployed in the partner’s countries (TR, BG, RO, AT). The course is following the approved new occupational core profile for: “Medical devices for home use, assistive technologies and food The H-CARE project has the following didactical training approaches (blended learning): e-learning, group work and apprenticeship (into real workplace lasting minimum 120 hours). The acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies has been validated by dedicated control tools based on the EQAVET indicators. The results from the piloting phase are structured and presented in details in consolidated piloting report where the feedback is thoroughly analysed and taken into account for the final refinement of the project results.