On 19-20 February 2015 the second meeting of the Bulgarian national advisory board was held. There were representatives from VET centers, medical doctors, professionals working with people with disabilities and representative from the National Agency of people with disabilities. The event was hosted by ZGURA-M and National Agency for Vocational Education and Training. The team of ZGURA-M presented the latest version of the H-CARE curriculum and the plans for the development of the H-CARE training modules. A thorough presentation of the examination procedure also has been presented. The participants agreed to meet again on 31 March 2015 in Sofia where representatives from companies which are providers of medical devices, assistive technologies and food supplements. There the profile of the salesperson will be created.

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Second NAB BulgariaSecond NAB BulgariaSecond NAB BulgariaSecond NAB Bulgaria

On 19th and 20th of February 2015 a second meeting of the members of the National Advisory Board in Bulgaria will be held. The venue of the meeting is Hotel “Aura” in Velingrad, Bulgaria.

More information about the agenda you may find here дневен ред за II среща на консултативна група по проект H-CARE (in Bulgarian).

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The H-CARE project consortium is announcing its FINAL EUROPEAN CONFERENCE which will be held on 27 May 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. The hosting organisation is European Medical Association.

More information about call for papers and conference venue will be announced shortly.

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The third international partners meeting was held in Sofia in the period 28-29 January 2015. It was hosted by the National Agency of Vocational Education and Training. The meeting was very important in terms of agreement on the final version of the curriculum of each of the 9 modules as well as to plan the administrative and management procedures for the production of the Progress report.

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Sofia meeting





Sofia meeting


The team of Technical University “G. Asachi” in Iasi Romania submit the following articles regarding the H-CARE project concept and planning of production of training modules:

Gabriela CIOBANU, Maria HARJA, Octavian CIOBANU, Training of salespersons for a careers in the health care and food supplements industry, Buletinul Institutului Politehnic din Iaşi (BIP), Section Chemistry, Tome LX (LXIV), Fasc. 1, 29-34, 2014.

– Published by the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania

– ISSN 0254 – 7104

– BDI journal (international Indexed Data Bases)


Articles in scientific journals

Articles in scientific journalsArticles in scientific journalsArticles in scientific journals

We are glad to announce the first publications about the H-CARE concept as follows:

1) Gabriela CIOBANU, Maria HARJA, Simona BARNA, Andrean LAZAROV, Octavian CIOBANU, An European project for training in the area of health care and food supplements, The 10th International Scientific Conference eLearning and software for Education, April 24-25, 2014, Bucharest, Romania
Book of abstract: pp. 65-66
Proceedings (on CD): pp.1-5
2) Gabriela CIOBANU, Maria HARJA, Octavian CIOBANU, An Overview on Assistive Technology Training Courses for Salespersons, 6th International Conference on Advanced Concepts in Mechanical Engineering – ACME 2014, June 12‐13, 2014, Iaşi, Romania
Proceedings (on CD): pp.1-4
3) Gabriela CIOBANU, Maria HARJA, Octavian CIOBANU, Training of salespersons for a careers in the health care and food supplements industry, BULETINUL INSTITUTULUI POLITEHNIC DIN IAŞI, published by the “Gheorghe Asachi“Technical University of Iasi, Section Chemistry, Tome LX (LXIV), Fasc. 2, 2014, in press.

The Norwegian National Agency initiated a Contact Seminar on Adult Learning held on 12th to 14th of November 2014in Brussels, Belgium. H-CARE project has received a special invitation to attend the Seminar which allowed Mrs. Luisa Mannu from EMA to present the project. During the sessions Mrs. Mannu introduced the project in front of guests from different European countries such as Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Slovakia, Italy, etc.

At the end of the first working day the participants were able to allocate their own market place where they demonstrated the materials and products of their work. H-CARE project was  disseminated through leaflets given to all participants.

Seminar Erasmus+ foto1seminar Erasmus+ foto2seminar Erasmus+ foto4seminar Erasmus+ foto5

The experts’ team of NAVET organised 2 dedicated presentations to experts’ commissions namely “Healthcare & Sports” and “Economics and Business administration” where the H-CARE project has been thoroughly presented. The participants discussed opportunities to include the new job profile as new occupational profile and agreed to support the preparation of new state educational requirements for this innovative occupation.

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