One of the key phases of H-CARE project is associated with the so-called testing or piloting of the training materials developed within the project. It is important to note that at this stage the upcoming training will be free for all approved participants and the costs associated with it will be at the H-CARE project expense.

Everyone who is willing and able to engage in training for trade with medical devices, assistive technologies and food supplements can apply for participation in this phase. The applicants have to contact one of the project partners using the contact details provided in this site. It is also necessary to fill in the Application Form. You can download it from here or request to receive it via email.

Anyone aged 18 with completed at least secondary education can apply to participate in the pilot phase of the H-CARE project. Applications of candidates with disabilities and unemployed persons will be considered a priority. A committee, whose members are representatives of the team working on the project, will make the selection of the participants.

Recruiting of applicants to participate in the pilot phase started in October 2015 and will finish at the end of June 2016. If you want to participate just download the Application form and send the completed one to the national pilot site coordinator. After June 2016 the e-learning platform will continue to offer free of charge entrance for those who would like to take advantaged from the H-CARE training course.

The approved candidates will have the opportunity to undergo pilot training including learning via e-learning platform and training sessions in small groups. In addition, participants will have the possibily to test their skills at the beginning and end of the training. Those, who successfully pass the final assessment test, will receive a Certificate of Participation in Vocational Training Course.

For any questions related to applying for participation as well as the course itself, you can contact the relevant partner in your country.