H-CARE: “Launching of Sector Skills Alliance for Training & Apprenticeship of Health Care and Food Supplements Salespersons”

An European innovative training programme for job core profile of Health Care and Food Supplements Salespersons

Sub-programme: Leonardo da Vinci

Action: Multilateral Projects for Development of innovation – Sector skills alliances

Start date: 01 January 2014

End date: 30 June 2016

Duration: 30 months


“Boost your business perspectives in one of the most rapidly developed sectors in Europe”

Following the identified gap between the needs of the market and available, but not relevant VET courses, the project will develop innovative blended training programme for Vocational qualification of a new job profile “Health Care & Food Supplements salesperson” targeted to unemployed people (18+) or current employees in the Health Care sales sector. This profession does not exist in National Occupational Classification frameworks of EU countries so far.

It means that the people who will participate in the testing phase of the project will have a unique opportunity to take part in innovative training developed for the first time in Europe.

In addition the project will provide national qualification descriptions (by ECVET learning outcomes) and will build them on “Integrated Competencies Framework for Public Health Workforce Development” and with European Qualification Framework (level 3), so that the existing qualifications in this field will become more transparent and comparable.

Who may benefit from this e-learning?

  • Unemployed graduate adults (18+) who want to obtain up to date knowledge, skills and competencies (based on ECVET principles) through innovate VET training on Health Care and Food supplements sales.
  • Current employees in Health Care sales establishments who seeking enhancement of their career.
  • VET training centers that can extend their training portfolio by offering such innovative training resources.
  • Trade companies (SMEs) in the field of Health Care and Food Supplements that can train more competent employees within their establishments and to increase companies’ sales and image.