„Salesperson of medical devices, assistive technologies and food supplements“


  1. Level EQF 4


  1. Minimum entrance educational and qualification requirements – secondary school.


  1. Professional development:

Occupations (professions), which refer to the groups of salesperson, sales assistant, sales manager, little shop owner.

 Basic work activities

The „Salesperson of medical devices, assistive technologies and food supplements“ is a qualified specialist who intermediates between companies and clients in caring out the process of sale, s/he also cooperates for building up merchant business connections including online sales (e-shop).

The basic work activities are:

  • Work with clients, including those with different disabilities;
  • Work with merchant documentation (financial and accounting documents, guidelines for use of the devices, technologies and supplement and how to store them etc.);
  • Work with information and communications technologies (phone, email, website, social media, e-shop).

The salesperson (the consultant) has to be able to organize and manage his workplace according to his basic work activities, to carry out sales and do individual consultation regarding to the needs of his clients (following the person-centred approach). In relation with the specific characteristics of the products that s/he offers, s/he has to know and recognize the different types of disabilities. The salesperson implements effective communication with the clients including people with different disabilities.

S/he offers products and assistive technologies in accordance with the needs of the clients and presents to the client current information for safe exploitation and use of medical devices and assistive technologies consistent with the relevant disabilities and medical conditions.

The salesperson (consultant) specialized in food supplements has to know the variety of food supplements, to recognize the risk situations in the process of implementing his/her work activities and to follow the rules of  occupational health and safety conditions and the requirements for environmental protection.

The salesperson (consultant) knows and stores the merchandise in order to preserve its characteristics and qualities. She fills in financial-accounting documents in connection with the flow of documents in the company.

The salesperson (consultant) who carries out e-sales, has to know the basic requirements for internet sales. S/he is profiling the clients based on criteria for distribution and organizing deliveries and deliverers, rationally uses the online payment systems and is capable to use devices and programs from the particular computer system.

The sales person (consultant) works in close cooperation with other departments and teams like accounting, business planning and marketing. 

Responsibilities in caring out work activities:

The basic responsibilities of the sales person (consultant) include identifying and meeting clients’ needs, presenting current information for the offered products, ability to apply different techniques for sales, offering individual service to the clients, developing and maintaining clients’ trust, working with documentation related to the sales. The salesperson (consultant) regularly updates his/her knowledge for the offered products, and improves and develops his/her personal competences; dealing with clients’ orders under the preliminary developed schedule. S/he has to be precise and achieve quality work. As part of working team, must set up good relationships; be correct and loyal with the company and clients. It is necessary to refresh his/her knowledge for the products, to improve and develop the sales techniques of medical devices, assistive technologies and food supplements.

The salesperson (consultant) takes preliminary measures for health prevention of the client keeping in mind the specifics of the medical devices and the assistive technical devices for the people with disabilities.

     4. Peculiarities of the working conditions

 The salesperson (consultant) works in accordance with the labour legislation. If necessary s/he consults the client out of the company’s premises. S/he can practice his/her profession as employee or self-employed person. Since s/he is working clients with different disabilities, it is necessary to passes excellent interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, time management and prevention of conflicts. In his/her work s/he should build-up trust in the clients, should communicate effectively, and present clearly and precisely the required information for the product.


  1. Equipment, materials and instruments

The salesperson (consultant) works in enclosed spaces, mainly in premises – commercial companies offering sales of medical devices, assistive technologies and food supplements.

All the necessary materials assuring quality of the sales service should be available – current information from catalogues from companies manufacturers and importers of medical devices, reference literature, computer with internet, cash machine, commercial documentation - financial-accounting documents and etc. The respective PC programmes which are required for the e-commerce realisation.  


  1. Requirements for the occupational profile, defined in lows and regulations (health, aptitude and etc.)

In accordance with the specifics of the work, consulting clients and achieving effective sales, it is better if the salesperson (consultant) does not passes any speech and language, visual and hearing impairments.  


  1. Appendix I - Description of learning outcomes:  knowledge,skills,competences